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Team Play 2022

March 21, 2022

Through 5 matches, the team is trailing a very tough Muni team by only 5 points because of stellar play and knowledge of the rules.

It was another windy chilly day but that didn't stop the team from taking 17 1/2 points today.  With a fast start from Nicole with a birdie on the starting hole and then and Eagle on Hole 2, Team 3 took 3 1/2 points.  Contributing to the list of Eagles was Nancy, who from 150 yds out, rolled the ball in the hole for a 2!  Adding to the Eagle was a birdie.  She was making it happen along with her teammate, Donna, who also had a nice birdie as they took 5 points.  Team 2 took 4 points as Huckabay had back to back birdies and Danielle added another.  Team 1 was a tough match and came down to a rules decision.  Knowing the rules, helped Team 1 take 5 points.  

Lisa Wiley, Nicole Nolan, Karen Huckabay, Christine Soscia, Theresa Prospero,

 Lorna Daniels, Tina Low.

Team Play Results

Team Play 2021

Team Play SNGABW 2021

From Left to Right: Theresa Summers, Lynn King, Theresa Prospero, Gabrielle Buonacorsi, Nancy Lauback, Christine Soscia, Nicole Nolan, and Margie Cashwell

Teams in our Division:

2020 BW Team.


What a day! So proud of the BW team. We would like to thank the 2/24 squad for playing and bringing their A game. Each pairing supported their partner with putting, where to aim the ball, strategy and encouraging words. Siena can be a bit tricky! That being said, we took 21 1/2 points today:-).

Our next math is March 23 at Los Prados against Oasis who is right on our tail for Gross and Overall.

Christine and Margie

Team Play 2020

Back Row:

Nicole Nolan, Margie Cashwell, Theresa Summers, Karen Huckabay, Theresa Prospero

Front Row:

Linda Berardo, Shayna Bott, Christine Soscia

2019 Team Play Standings